Alleged hacker accused by U.S authorities on several incidences

Lauri Love accused!

U.S. authorities had accused Thirty-one-year-old Lauri Love of hacking into U.S government networks between the years of 2012 and 2013, including those of the Defense Department, Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, and even NASA.

Lauri home raided

In October 2013 the National Crime Agency raided Love’s home and seized all of his computers and hard drives. However, some of the data were unable to be accessed due to some of the data being encrypted.

Initially, the authorities served Love with an order under section 49 of the U.K’s controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which demanded that he must provide his credentials to open the encrypted hard drive so they can access the files that were stored on those hard drives. However, he declined to comply with these orders. He was not charged for this incident.

Lauri law suit

Love recently started a civil case in the result of retrieving his computers and storage devices. The agencies renewed its encryption demand and attempted to turn the civil proceedings around on him by using them as new means to get a judge to order Love to release his passwords and encryption keys.

However, the investigators refused to return the computers and hard drives to Love, as they believed he did not hack ownership of some of the hacked files.

Love who had been mentally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome fights the fact that he would not get a fair trial in the court in U.S where his lawyers say he could potentially face a sentence of up to 90+ years in prison. He is defiant that whatever happens he will not give up his encryption keys.

Civil case result

If they U.S court ruled in another way it would have turned out very concerning for anyone who has to store sensitive information on their computer as people would not feel safe and secure about their data on their computers being protected.