Apples new iPhone 8 may support wireless charging


In January this year, Apple marked its 10th anniversary in the technology market (Rogers, 2017). The first iPhone Apple mobile was introduced and reviled in the year 2007 at the MacWorld conference. It was, at that time, as if an iPod getting a SIM in it. However, later it became the trendiest and most used phone all over the world. 

Since that time Apple’s iPhone has done soaring businesses throughout the world, and Apple stocks and shares have skyrocketed ever since.

These phones have been keeping people on edge all the time when it was time for the launch of a new model. Apple’s iPhone has stood true to their founder’s exact words at the MacWorld conference ten years ago that iPhone is a revolutionary iPod with exceptional touch controls, a phone, and the latest internet communicator of the time (Sydney Morning Herald, 2017)

In competition with the prices, iPhones were not cheap phones. They were expensive, but the price has always been worth it.

Apple iPhones’ Saturation Point

Numerous analysts and the users who have been brand loyal to the Apple and its iPhones started claiming that nothing extraordinary was coming out from the company’s technological side since a long time ago (Daniel, 2017). Apple is known to step up the technological game every time it launches a new model. 

The company has been delivering and living up to the expectations. Nevertheless, the Apple’s shares, for the first time of launching the iPhones, saw a massive downfall in their shares early in the year 2016. 

It was major because the technological race has gone far beyond imagination and other mobile companies have come into the contest of beating Apple. Apple’s iPhone 7 is mainly criticized for doing nothing new except omitting the headphone jack (CNET, 2017).   

iPhone 8 – Wireless Charging after Wireless Headphones

Previously been criticized for not coming up with something new, Apple’s noted analyst Kou at the 10 year anniversary of the iconic iPhone brought about the news of wired charging becoming obsolete (Hindustan Times, 2017)

Forget about the carrying the charging wire everywhere you go and get yourselves prepared for the Apple’s iPhone 8 introducing wireless charging, possibly with the feature of iris scanning. 

The scanning unlocks system has been introduced already by other leading mobile companies such as Samsung. However, Apple is adopting it for the first time in iPhone 8.

Apple’s iPhones had been amidst its users’ vast disappointment when nothing exceptional was introduced in the iPhone 7 last year. 

The company leaked rumors about the iris scanning technology for unlocking. This, in the public’s opinion, is nothing exceptionally novel but the wireless charging is. 

If this is launched and iPhone 8 does make the wireless charging possible, it will revolutionize the Smartphone technology. However, the Apple analyst Kou declared that the new iPhone technology might come with a drawback, and that is; the hiked up prices (Hindustan Times, 2017).

iPhone 8 is speculated to be introduced at the cost of 1000 dollars for its consumers.