Chinese firms products were behind last weeks attack

Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind Friday’s DDOS attack

Computer hacking is frequently reporting in different organizations and countries that cause financial losses and other security vulnerabilities. However, there are numerous anti-malware solutions available in the market that may diminish the possibilities of cyber attacks. 

A few days ago, an incident of hacking had reported in the United States in which foremost internet websites disrupted due to malware attack. Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, a dealer of DVR’s and internet connected cameras, is responsible for Friday’s DDOS attack. 

The company admits that the vulnerable default passwords and security checks were partially responsible for botnet on last Friday in America. The hacking of passwords and other security checks are not easy for the hackers in the recent world, but they might take advantage from weak passwords.

An Overview of Mirai Malware

Different security researchers shared their views and said Mirai virus had been the intriguing benefit of these vulnerabilities by contaminating the devices and utilizing them to develop a huge DDOS (Distributed denial of service) attack. 

The Mirai is one of the most dangerous viruses that turn computer systems into man powered botnets. The aim behind this viral attack is to control several computers at the same time to achieve their interests. Mirai functions by binding IoT devices to generate a huge interlinked network. These devices, later on, use to overflow websites with requests, notifications, emails and then bringing them offline. 

These connected devices usually experience passwords vulnerabilities that can be affected easily by the hackers. Once, Mirai attack computer systems, it is necessary to reboot it. 

Otherwise it will not work. After reboot, the username and password will be automatically changed by the malware, and then the hacker will control the device.

Examples of Mirai Attack

Previously, Mirai attacked the website of US computer security journalist Brian Krebs in which he lost his important data completely. On October 21st, Mirai attacked Dyn Corporation website that causes several main disruptions in the working procedures of the DNS service. 

This virus installed on many connected devices or IoT devices that ensuing in the detachment of major US high profile websites like Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, and AirBnb. Dyn further said that millions of discrete IP addresses linked with the Mirai botnet and as a result internet traffic jam had faced by the users. 

Though these websites lost their customer response at that time and they required few hours to normalize the situation but still there is a possibility that Mirai will strike again in future.

Implications of Hacking

The effects of hacking are not persistent so; it can be controlled by anti-malware software. It is necessary to make strong passwords and usernames that cannot be hacked easily. The possibilities of hacker’s attack cannot be eliminated by the companies because they know the significant importance of their data either private or unofficial.  The entire article suggests additional care and strong security administration in the companies. Therefore, these attacks would be stopped in future. 

Furthermore, China being a top economic country we should monitor industrial performance and procedure regarding internet security. According to Craig Scott who wrote an article in The Guardian reveals that majority of the public leaders and chief executives of different organizations do not focus the threat of cyber attack and that’s why the cyber attacks have been increasing frequently. 

He further gives some recommendations for combating cyber attacks such as check firewalls setting regularly, use strong passwords, update firmware and regular monitoring of employees. Similarly, Xiongmai also recommends customers to upgrade their product firmware and make strong passwords. 

Thus, the overall experience of hacking for companies is disrupting regarding slow operations, communication with clients and other losses.