Collision avoidance technology across 4500 New York city for hire vehicles


Safety of the driver and the vehicles on the road has been a critical development topic since the burgeoning of road traffic. According to Linkov (2015), the developments regarding car safety had previously involved the testing of a number of safety measures and systems such as automatic brakes or obstruction detectors. 

There had been potential car safety systems introduced in the past, which were programmed to anticipate a confrontation with a risky situation and apply brakes automatically. The testing and introduction of such collision safety mechanisms in cars have been around for a long time but did not have a system of a general application in all the cars and vehicles.

As reported by LeBeau (2015) in the CNBC News, the Insurance Institute for the safety of highway traffic has marked highly on the need of crash and collision avoidance systems in the highway traffic. 

Driving on the highway is extremely treacherous, especially in the adverse weather conditions when driving becomes increasingly difficult. The safety authority of the highway traffic thus highlighted the use of automatic brake sensors in luxury cars such as BMWs. 

They stressed on the need of such systems on a daily basis across all the cars. However, since a long time, this technology has been the prime feature of luxury cars only.

New York Cars to Get Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The incessant stress on the need for passenger and driver safety on the road appears to be paid off when the Mobileye N.V. announced the installation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in 4500 of vehicles in the city (PR Newswire, 2017)

(Etherington, 2017)

The popular increase in ridesharing businesses in a city like the New York made it impossible to overlook the safety of the commuters. Thus, the collision avoidance systems by the Mobileye have been installed in more than 4500 for-hire vehicles.

Ridesharing Business Becomes Safe

The installation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems has made the ridesharing business safer in a city that never sleeps, that is, New York. This system installation is projected to help make rides more secure and safe for the consumers, as the technology incorporates the analysis of all the possible obstruction on the road, pedestrians, and other cars (Ayer, 2017).