CountingHouse Crypto-Fund – Your ICO Hedge Fund of Choice

There are multiple reasons why you would choose to invest in CountingHouse. This particular hedge-fund chooses to invest in crypto rather than fiat currency. Its creators designed it via mathematical means and coded algorithms, yet plan to fund it fully via the ICO sale. This would make them a trendsetter – the first-ever fully algorithmic, trade-based cryptocurrency fund fully financed through token sales.

What is CountingHouse, and Why Should I Invest?

You should be skeptical at first, like with most new ICO crypto-based projects. But CountingHouse isn’t a mere new player on the block. This company has existed for at least a decade as a fiat forex fund. Several sources state that CountingHouse would yield a 70%-120% profit in the 2013-2016 period alone.

But that’s not what got people’s attention. What got their attention were the 600% profits yielded last year when the company turned its attention to the cryptocurrency markets. CountingHouse wanted to test how volatile the crypto-market was, which produced tremendous success. That particular success serves as the reason why they chose to risk starting their own crypto-funding operation.

Naturally, this isn’t just guesswork. If you go over to the company website at https://www.countinghousefund…., you can see the breakdown of these sales in detail by reading their whitepaper.

The Mission of CountingHouse

Working out of Seychelles, west of Africa, CountingHouse outlined their mission on their website. The team behind this fund plan to maximize any profits by investors using mathematical risk management and applying their trade methods in forms of algorithms to the crypto-market. They firmly believe that blockchain-based market is the future. As such, they also aim to prove how legitimate it is as a viable investment opportunity and an alternative solution to fiat currency.

Benefits of CountingHouse

Sales and figures are good and all, but any good crypto-based project must have decent benefits. The ones we’re about to list are the reasons why you ought to chose to invest.

First off, the mathematical approach makes every investment work faster, and – more importantly – reduces most of the risks. The team behind CountingHouse knew what they were doing when they first set up shop in the forex market. Which brings us to the second point: the team behind this project consists of veterans. Furthermore, they are veterans that believe in innovation and whose experiments yielded superb results. As such, most of the funds they receive through ICO sales will go directly into the fund – almost over 90%, to be exact.

The third and final point is how easy and accessible CountingHouse is to use. As an individual, you could invest any amount you want to, from a few dollars to anything you can think of. Which is an excellent trait for a crypto-fund to have; you don’t HAVE to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars just to participate. Moreover, if you need to liquidate a fund, you just have to sell off a token or two. No longer will you have to wait for a long time like you would with fiat investments.

ICO Sales Details

If you’d like to join in on the presales, do it fast – it ends on May 7th of this year. However, the main sale will last until 12th of June, according to the roadmap on the company’s website. As is the case with most blockchain projects, CountingHouse uses an ERC-20 compliant native token, the CHT. Sales will be made in ETH, with the token price of 1ETH being 1.000 CHT. CountingHouse’s hard cap for this sale is set at 20.000.000 CHT. Of the minted tokens, 73% will go directly to the new investors, whereas 26% of units already privately went to the hand of existing ones. Around 200.000 coins, or 1%, go to the team themselves.


If you couldn’t already tell, you should be very excited about this project. CountingHouse is possibly the best solution for anyone looking for a decent cryptocurrency fund. Considering the company’s experience – and successes – in the forex market, as well as their early success ‘testing the waters’ of blockchain technology, it’s hard to claim otherwise. In short, if you’re interested in what CountingHouse has to offer, go for it.  

To find out more about the project visit:


WhitePaper: https://www.countinghousefund….