EQUI and Venture Capital Investing: Project Overview

The venture capital investment market has already seen a multitude of changes. However, the new revolution is yet to come, and EQUI will be the company behind it.

What is EQUI?

EQUI is a new investment platform that is going to unify cryptocurrency with traditional venture capital investing models.

Since the technology has changed quite a bit during the last few years, EQUI has decided to build their platform on the blockchain. Thus, they can cater to all potential investors who want to use the many opportunities EQUI is going to provide them with.

Through their ICO, EQUI is going to raise funds to enhance their platform further. The tokens will be used directly on the platform, but users will be able to exchange them or trade them akin to any cryptocurrency.

Their Vision

The company is backed by highly skilled entrepreneurs who want to provide potential investors with carefully selected venture capital portfolios. Thus, the investors will be able to participate in a revolution that will change the venture capital market forever. Furthermore, they will have a chance to establish themselves as market leaders.

The company will focus on technological advances and ventures that are still in the early stage of potential success. With time, these endeavors have a chance to generate significant returns and a multitude of opportunities for you and other investors.

In exchange for their loyalty and the energy behind their vision, EQUI will provide the investors with operational support, mentorship, strategic advice, and resources. Hence, the chance of success of these ventures will be higher, and the returns will surge.

The Platform

There will be three types of participants on the platform.

Investors will be able to buy the tokens and use them on the platform to invest in carefully selected venture capital opportunities. But, they can apply as many tokens as they want to the project.

Furthermore, EQUI states that the investors will receive 75% of the net profits, while the EQUI team will receive 25%. This sort of structure was established to make sure that the stakeholders can benefit from the platform.

In addition to that, if you invest, you will also have a chance to participate in the EQUI loyalty program.

The two other types of participants are Holders and Traders. The holders are those individuals who have transferred their tokens to the platform, but they haven’t yet committed them to a project. These individuals will also take part in the loyalty program, but their tokens have to remain on the platform.

Lastly, the traders are the ones who hold EQUI tokens outside the platform. They cannot participate in the loyalty program - not until they transfer the tokens onto the platform. Thus, in the meantime, they can only benefit from the changes in the token price.

The Token Sale

The new public pre-sale will start on May 15, and it will last until May 31. Furthermore, the public crowdsale will follow the pre-sale - it will start on June 1 and continue until June 30.

If you want to get first access to the token sale, make sure to join the EQUI whitelist. EQUI will also publish a new whitepaper just before the pre-sale starts. For more information, visit:

Website: https://www.equi.capital/


Telegram: https://t.me/equicapital

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/equi_capital


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equi….

Final Words

Founded by Doug Barrowman, a well-known name on the venture capital market, EQUI shows a great deal of potential. With their pre-sale soon to start, it’s only a matter of time until you finally hear the results of their work and see if EQUI is really a game-changer in the industry.