Essentia – A Quick Rundown of The World’s First Framework to Allow You Control and Sell Your Online Data

The team behind Essentia is working to create awareness about a lot of information that you as an internet user probably know nothing about.

To realize why the work of Essentia is important, we need to get a grasp on a few economic facts that have slipped through the cracks since the Internet was introduced as a massive communication tool in the mid 90’s. The first one is the fact that all the information that goes through the network of your home, or your workplace has some value for someone around the world.

It’s also noteworthy to know that data brokers can handle every bit of information and used by companies that monitor the behavior of a target demographic to sell this information to companies that are willing to do anything it takes to make you buy something from them.

Have you ever wondered why if you explore a dedicated website Facebook and other social networks offer you variations of the same product around the clock in their advertising services? There you have your answer.

To fix that situation or at least to help you have more control over the flow of information you let out to the world, Essentia is developing a framework. The framework will help you get a grip on the info, you release to the world and will let you know who is willing to buy it for a reasonable price.

To make this happen in a way that makes sense for the parties involved the company’s framework has a good number of features already built-in to make the process easy and manageable. Let’s take a look at them and the roles they play in helping you manage your data:

The custom-made framework that works with humans and computers systems

Essentia is willing to work with users on a personal base or with the automated systems of a small business. You can set up the system to work in accordance with your settings or the ones that favor your company.

Decentralized digital identities for human users and computer systems

The company will provide each user a digital ID to manage all their information as well as an ID for the computer system of any business that applies to the ecosystem.

Powerful security specs

Essentia is offering security features for every type of user based on their preference to safe keep their information. You can choose to work with trustless or trustable settings backed by some of the most powerful cryptography coding generated for current standards.

Assured privacy

Only one user will be granted total control of a sole Essentia account in a custom-made environment designed to manage your personal data or the data related to your company. If your account is linked to multiples digital ID’s, all of them will be managed through a master account that can be handled by cross-chain resources and accessible means of communication.

Decentralized accessibility

Users of Essentia won’t have to deal with failing servers or system failures. The decentralized nature of the framework makes it always available, no matter which network you are using. The modular nature of the ecosystem and the flexibility of the coding favor the scalability of the system by allowing room for improvement from every actor involved with the platform.

Non-corruptible blockchain

The basic framework of Essentia runs on Blockchain technology designed to serve better in an anonymous fashion to every user logging on to it. The system will be completely auditable from each user’s perspective and all matters related to their own personal account will be visible to them and the involved parties on every transaction. But to the rest of the network, all the data shall remain undisclosed if the user desires it so.

As you probably can gather by now, Essentia is ready to take on a system that has denied users the basic right of ownership to their data to put that control back in the hands of their rightful owners. To learn more about their offering you can visit them at