Facebook and Instagram is resilient to their users getting spied on


Lately, Facebook has been under immense pressure from various civil right activists. These groups contend that the facebook spying should not continue because it is compromising individual’s liberty. The surveillance system should not target the general public for security reasons or due to some other matter. 

Using a wireless surveillance system is a violation of one’s right to liberty and privacy. Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website and it cannot be used for the surveillance purposes. 

Spy microphones should not be allowed and using Facebook for that purpose will only damage Facebook reputation and the trust of its users (Conger, 2017).

Facebook taking action against the surveillance menace  

Recently, Facebook announced that it would give a policy under which no law enforcement agency would be allowed to retrieve data from Facebook. 

Facebook is taking this measure as a result of the pressure exerted by American Civil Liberties Union, Color of Change and the Centre for media justice. Moreover, the Human Right groups are also pressurizing Facebook not to let the surveillance system extract data from their network. 

People who posted on Facebook suffered because their posts were sold and passed on to the law enforcement through the wireless surveillance system. Moreover, Facebook has categorically stated that this act is a total violation of their policies. Apart from Facebook, twitter also came into action by prohibiting the surveillance system extracting data of its individual users. 

Spy microphone used for the purpose of spying on individuals was criticized the most. Facebook maintained that we believe in explicit policies and facebook spying cannot be allowed to continue. They were of the view that Facebook would not allow to usurp the privacy of its users. The surveillance system used Facebook APIs to extra data and passed on to the law enforcers but Facebook has now taken stringent measures which are not allowed anymore (Danny, 2016).

Facebook cut down ties with the developers

Facebook also cut ties with such developers who were involved in spying on Facebook. Facebook also stopped these developers using the wireless surveillance system of its network. Facebook then approached other developers and asked them to make applications which comply with Facebook policies. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the social networks are a powerful tool for the black community to use Facebook and register their protests. Brandi Collins director of Color of Change praised Facebook and twitter for taking such steps against the illegal surveillance systems. 

Moreover, he also said that firms like Facebook who believe in diversity and justice further need to make strict policies to tackle the menace of facebook spying against them. Facebook now relies on reports from the users and the advocacy groups regarding surveillance on them. They have a manual and automatic detection which they rely on. Facebook needs to develop its own surveillance system. 

Facebook should now focus on human and technical auditing mechanisms so that they can catch the violators of their policy. Moreover, developers should be held accountable if they take Facebooks’ data for any purpose (John, 2016).