Google and cloud coursera have a goal to fill more tech jobs

Gaps in the IT Job Markets

According to a report by Hiner (2016), the rising number of vacant jobs in the IT sector is very alarming. The technology companies in the IT sector are facing a grave dilemma in finding the right people for filling up the vacant positions. The pace with which technology is developing daily is exponential. 

Every now and then, there is a certain leap somewhere in the IT field, thus contributing to an update in one technology or the other.

According to Hiner (2016), the manager and the co-founder of an online computer school providing online IT courses. Doty had then stated that the pace with which technology is changing and its dynamics are evolving; a large number of IT related posts are budding. 

This field is burgeoning, and there is nothing to cover it up. Eninga (2017) in the latest report states that Senator Al Franken has incessantly emphasized upon the growing rate of unemployment in the IT sector. 

He is of the opinion, which is correct to the extent that the technology has now become one of the most desirable fields to study and work. However, contrasting figures show that the IT jobs are the most vacant and the ironic fact is that there are not enough eligible applicants to fill these positions up.

Technology Training

In the report by Hiner (2015), the more these technology job gaps are increasing, the more managers in this sector are finding a solution that quickly fills this gap. 

The most evident and beneficial solution is providing PC training and high-level technology skills required to fill the vacant positions. By training for the vacant positions, the requirement in the technology field can be filled up, and it is one solution for the managers getting what they want. 

The IT skills that are needed should be put up as courses and learning programs to facilitate the IT learning. This is where online IT and distance learning courses come in the picture, such as KnowledgeNet or Coursera. These platforms of online learning programs can play a significant part in IT training, which will then help fill the job gap evident in the technology sector.    

Google and Coursera

In lieu of the alarming increase in the technology job gap, Google has announced its partnership with one of the leading online courses and learning programs provider Coursera (King, 2017)

Coursera is a top online course provider, now going into partnership with the world’s leading technology giant, Google. The technology industry is expected to benefit the most with this partnership, especially Google, as the provision of IT course dedicated to the area of data engineering on the Google Cloud will boost its competitive power against the other leading Web Services providers such as Microsoft and Amazon (King, 2017)

This partnership will result in an elevated network of potential IT skilled professionals who are ready to fill the technology job gap that is haunting this industry. Other technology giants should also pursue such partnerships to help fill the job gap.