Google is another step closer to being unblocked in China

Is Google making a comeback to China?

Blocking Google Scholar in China will not benefit anybody. The VPN China should unblock sites and Google particularly. China vpn’s should be accessible to everybody. Many people are not familiar with the application of Google Scholar, so having access to Google Scholar would make things easy for all particularly the researchers. Google Scholar may prove to be the best VPN for China. Unblocking sites is a thing of the past. Moreover, articles through links can be accessed easily because they are not password protected or the researchers can retrieve all the information they want. It is saddening that many VPNs in China have been blocked and same is the case with Google Scholar (Stapleton, 2015).

Easy Access to all

Google Scholar and other west media websites are also blocked in China. China VPN provides data to all the students, but not all the information like Google Scholar provides to the students and researchers. Blocking Google does not go well for the VPN China. Moreover, blocking Google in China does not hurt its revenues much. Google creates goodwill towards its customers and it would serve well for the Chinese VPN. The service of Google is acknowledged by the Scholars because they easily get the data and it saves their time. The VPN in China would be affected by blocking Google (Stapleton, 2015).

Google and China in contact

Notwithstanding Google is blocked in China, yet it does maintain its contact with China and negotiations are in progress with China for reviving Google back to China. The VPN China may not be as beneficial as Google is. Google has many offices in China. Google intends to come to the mainstream in China and hopefully it may turn out to be the best VPN in China. Google is in regular contact with the Chinese Government. The spat that happened between Google and China in 2010 would come to an end. Google continues to sell space to the Chinese advertising agencies. Google is too good to be overlooked from the Chinese VPN and it is alleged that Google may launch a Chinese version application of Google. Moreover, Google has also been registering many domains such as the (Zen Soo, 2015). China must understand that the era of unblocking sites is over.

Google would benefit China

China is one of the best countries when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurism so it is imperative that VPN china may be accessible to all. Many people that innovation and science would take a long time to progress in China but that was not the case. Huawei and Google entered an agreement and many view this step as a comeback for Google in China. The agreement pertained to launching of Google play in the Huawei smartphone (Zen Soo, 2015).

China’s main focus is on academic progress and academic exchanges and it seems very likely that Google would make a comeback to China. 721 Million Users are using the internet and for Google, China is an attractive market (Indian Express, 2017).