Here's what big companies like Google, Apple and Facebook had to say about Donald Trumps immigration ban

Trump’s Immigration Ban and Its Repercussions   

Donald Trump, President of the United States, signed an order last Friday that bans immigration from seven Muslim countries for a period of 90 days (Diamond, 2017). The ban has been implemented since the weekend and has received severe backlash from all over the country. Nonetheless, following Monday, Donald Trump’s address tried to trivialize the issue by affirming that all is going well after the ban. 

The ban imposed on immigration seven Muslim-majority countries, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. The ban is said to be of 90 days for all the permanent immigrants and the travelers. Donald Trump Jr has also faced a severe criticism on his calling the Syrian refugees the poisoned pieces that would kill America (Hauser, 2016).     

How Tech Industry Responded to Trump’s Order

Business industry is noted to have reacted very grimly to the immigration ban as immigrants play a major role in big US companies, promoting diversity and cultivating globalization. The immigration order by President Donald Trump has received severe opposition from numerous spheres of life, including the technology industry (Newmyer, 2017).

Tech industry in America has diminished the physical boundaries years ago and gone global because of that immigrants make up a vast majority of these global tech companies who now face the severity of Trump’s executive orders. Executives of Google, Apple, Uber and alike have declared their disagreement to this ban and have announced to stand up for their employees (Sher, 2017).

“Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, was the son of an immigrant from Syria, and Apple would not survive with this ban at all”, declared Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. The US has always opened its doors for people from all over the world. 

The success of tech industry in the US and its bloom was only possible because of welcoming immigrants, as America would not have Apple if it were not for Jobs Syrian father to have immigrated to the US.

Uber, Lyft, Amazon, and other similar tech giants have also recorded their extreme opposition to the immigration ban and have issued official notices to their immigrant employees showing their unity with them (Sher, 2017). The tech industry is seen to deeply resisting this ban and issuing official help notices to contact them for any assistance.

List of Tech Companies by

Wattles (2017) quoted a list presented by Vala Afshar in a CNN report of successful tech companies that were founded by immigrant families:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Uber
  • Yahoo
  • EMC
  • AT&T
  • Tesla
  • Reddit

Donations to ACLU 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has initiated a movement against this ban and is raising funds for the Syrian refugees. Tech industry is seen to have joined hands with the ACLU in opposition to Trump’s Immigration ban (Huston, 2017).