How does this new form of technology determine if a fingerprint is alive?

Are those scanned Fingerprints ‘Alive’?

In modern day time, where the technology is getting advanced and began rolling up on the fingertips of a human it has also increased security concerns.  These security concerns are more threatening and astounding. 

The old methods of spoofing the fingerprints of a human to break the secret locks or files are still in practice. 

However, the pioneer of the biometric technology NexID’s has developed software in the name of “NexID Biometrics.” The company claims that its new system will detect that where the person is alive or not in a nutshell, it will identify the fake fingerprints (Roos, 2017).

Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanners

Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanners are used for the Fingerprint identification and confirmation of the person’s identity against the stored information. The technique has been used for over 140 years across the globe majority by the government, government institutions or agencies or security agencies. 

However, with a rapid change in the technology the fingerprints scanner are also used to take the “selfies” or online identification. These fingerprint scanners have been installed within the PDAs such as iPaq Pocket PC

According to the chief operating officer Mark Cornett of NexID’s, “With the NexID solution integrated, most of its clients’ scanners comprehend a “spoof resistance level” of 96 – 98%, and they persist in developingthis performance as they increase their software algorithms” (Koetsier, 2013).

The Users of the Biometrics and Fingerprint Scanners

  • Government
  • Government Institutions
  • Agencies
  • Security agencies
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Institutions Health Care
  • Educational Institutions

The Finger lock or the Finger scanner locks are more in use in the form of the smartphones for protecting the smartphones data from an unknown person. 

Likewise, the Fingerprint Door Locks are used to protect the entry of the unknown or unauthorized person entering into the company or institution or perhaps at home. This lock requires finger lock or finger scanner lock to recognize the identity (Brandom, 2016).

New Tech Knows If a Fingerprint Is ‘Alive.’

The new technology has claimed that the person is alive or not could be now identified or detected as the person swaps or scans the finger over the fingerprint scanner. 

This technology will help to detect the fake fingerprints used to scan for hacking or malicious activities. The experts have also stressed that this new tool will help in providing more security and strengthen the security system, which is weakening today (Fruitrich, 2016).