LocalCoinSwap - The Latest Cryptocurrency to Change Blockchain Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange has come to stay in our world with a lot of advancements to ensure that every holder of tokens trades without challenges. However, the easy of trading has not been possible for many reasons in many trading platforms. LocalCoinSwap is a decentralized trading platform that is going to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency is traded. One of the highlights of LCS is its transparency and ability to share its dividend profits.

The Market

Over the years, the blockchain market has ranked billions of dollars that it has become a money milking platform that most smart investors are ready to invest. Though, the volatility of the trading platform has always been there. Most of the trading platforms come with challenges that affect their trading systems. With the introduction of LCS, there has been a lot of hype about the platform with its solutions that may solve a lot of blockchain issues.

LocalCoinSwap Overview

The digital ecosystem has been absorbed by the decentralized and unrestricted trading that happens in the mainstream economy. LCS has been developed to ensure that traders can find solace in its platform with amazing features. Most of the features of LCS have been designed to favor a shareholder of LCS tokens. The peer-to-peer trading system of this platform ensures that the holders of tokens can take care of whatever they do on the system no matter where they reside on earth.

On forums and blogs, a lot of traders have shared their plight when it comes to purchasing cryptocurrencies from non-mainstream platforms. Also, some of the traders cannot deny the fact that there is a problem when they want to transfer money overseas and during onerous verification procedures.


The LocalCoinSwap system is developed to handle the problem of transparency on trading platforms. With its P2P exchange, ownership tokenizing of cryptocurrency and allowing traders to decide what they want to do on the platform have been made possible. LCS can be the perfect platform that any trader may use. The internationally recognized token, Cryptoshare is one of the reasons why traders will want to explore the platform.

LocalCoinSwap works the way that the traditional stock companies work; the more the money on the platform, the more profitable the business will be. The sharing of profits is very simple with dividends evenly shared to traders.


Transparency is a virtue and LCS has it as a feature. LocalCoinSwap is on the blockchain trading platform. For the traditional financial firms, they cannot trade on blockchain platform. LCS has a well-structured dividend structure that ensures that the financial performance of the platform is auditable and available to the public.

The cryptoshare of LocalCoinSwap easily handles its dividend structure. The holder of the tokens can take care of the system. LCS was developed to look different from the conventional ICO tokens. The company is not making vague promises or statements in sharing its profits to its holders. The cryptoshares is designed to give holders a 100% guarantee of reaping from the cryptocurrency dividends.

The decentralized system

Shareholders are offered the share their profits in the cryptocurrency they have a desire in parting away on the platform. The platform is an easy to use system that gives a holder opportunity to trade on different tokens or coins.

There are airdrops of cryptoshares listed on the platform that holders are entitled to receive. The holders have the voting power to make drastic decisions on the platform whenever there is need to make changes or listing of any token on the platform. Cryptoshares has become an integral part of what the blockchain system will be in future.


Cryptocurrency may be the future of the financial sector, but there are still grey areas that need to be covered. LCS has gone the extra miles to ensure that it is ERC20 compliant and is compatible with some of the biggest wallet programs. The accessibility of secondary exchanges is something that will please the hearts of shareholders.

The independent auditing of LocalCoinSwap has made security to be fully enhanced. Also, LCS has made voting tokens, dividend tokens and the issuance of cryptoshare an open source.

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