NFL return tax payers money


This refund that contained more than $724,000 was disclosed in a letter from the NFL Commissioner. This is how much money the US government has paid the league since 2012 to host military appreciate activities.

The NFL league also collected fees for its recruitment efforts at games, such as signing booths in the stadiums urging fans to enlist, but the report deemed that these payments were completely appropriate.

Audited Contracts

The NFL Commissioner stated that NFL audited, even more, contracts than Senate investigators examined, observing over 100 agreements over the course of the top four most recent NFL seasons.

Original Report

The original output of the report stated that an estimate of more than $6.8 million was spent on paid patriotism during the few years across a variety of sports.

The NFL is only one of several sports leagues that have been identified to be accepting income from the Pentagon in return for honoring the troops. They urge other leagues to follow the same principle of NFL’s example and return the money.

US Defence Departments Input

At the time of this report at the end of last year, the US Defence Department had stood by its sports marketing efforts as a way to reach a particularly large number of people to connect with the American public.

However, the department declined and said that it had changed the rules to prohibit any payments for patriotic ceremonies around September last year.