Omnitude: The Radical Blockchain Ecosystem Concept

Omnitude is a blockchain platform that works as middleware solution for ecommerce companies, providing transparency and security.

Imagine a combination of play blockchain and a middleware plug on a Hyperledger fabric platform. The result is what Omnitude has a wide range of electronic commerce platforms. Omnitude, when used as an amalgamation layer between existing platforms, ensures that there is a swift deployment of the blockchain technology without replacing the current systems.

Omnitude overview

Omnitude is bigger than a single solution application on blockchain platform. It adds value through its electronic commerce middleware solutions and also pushes the mainstream integration of the blockchain technology.

Omnitude allows its user to exchange learning, resources, and code to support and kickstart other start-ups on blockchain and app development. This will enable users to create or build blockchain solutions and ensure that the platform as a business can grow and thrive in the online retail marketplace and push the blockchain into the mainstream.

The simple fact about Omnitude is that it is built from an existing enterprise electronic commerce firm.


Omnitude partners with Swisscom Blockchain AG to make sure that its project and scale of vision can meet its ability to function. If the process is successful without a hitch, the platform can transform what we know of the eCommerce. With the support of Swisscom, Omnitude can improve its DLT experience, technical expertise and offers a better infrastructure.

Omnitude has also partnered with Hyperlegder Fabric in establishing its blockchain because of its trust and scalability. The architecture of Hyperledger ensures that Omnitide processes its transaction faster than most other platforms including PayPal and Visa. The speed is what Omnitude takes seriously.

The ECOM token

Omnitude and the ECOM token are launched on Omnilayer system. Suppliers, customers, and merchants will need ECOM to be involved in the platform. Omnitude is to be established on a global open source and permissioned blockchain protocol, Hyperledger that is hosted by Linux Foundation. This allows a business-to-business and also the business-to-consumer transactions.

The architectural structure of Hyperledger offers blockchain services that give the ecosystem the platform it requires. The ecosystem will be made of referrers/affiliates, couriers, suppliers, customers, and merchants.

Things you should know

There is a native system of settlement that is seen between parties before they can access the resources in the ecosystem. A merchant is expected to make payment with a token to participants in the system. When this payment is made, the merchants can utilize the on-ledger platform results for Proof-of-Interaction, Single Reputation, Delivery Cycle Transparency Data, Supply Chain Provenance and Single ID. Also, customers are expected to pay merchants with fiat, cryptocurrencies, and ECOM.

Omnitude is an encouragement for users to secure and operate the ecosystem. The consistency of the blockchain will be assured by a P2P network of nodes that have been validated operating the Core client application by Omnitude. The result of enforcing DPBFT algorithm, that authenticating nodes will be distributed in the block rewards. Here DPBFT stands for Delegated Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

Final thoughts

Transparency and security are some of the requirements of an excellent trading platform on the blockchain. Omnitude ensures that unauthorized people or parties are prevented from checking out another people’s ledger. The ecosystem has been built to boost confidence during trading. Thinking of a perfect platform that will give you an easy to use mode, then you are not going to regret Omnitude. It has a technologically advanced platform that is secured and simple to operate. The use of different currencies such as fiat, ECOM, and cryptocurrencies make it a global blockchain ecosystem. 

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