Overview of AllStocks Infrastructure, Regulation and Implementation

The infrastructure of AllStocks ensures that the blockchain stores vital and critical data. The regulation and implementation address system implementation and its regulatory framework.

AllStocks Infrastructure

AllStocks infrastructure is designed to ensure that the blockchain stores vital and critical data. These stored data are transactions and user balances. As the blockchain maintains this data, the server stores every other data.

To make possible quick CTT adoption, development, framework, and tools, there’s an already designed technological environment put in place. Also, there’s a need for several smart contracts to enable the effective performance of the system. AllStocks users will need to use and store Ethereum wallets. To ensure that CTT transactions are popularly adopted much easily, there’ll be a need for codes, user-friendly libraries, as well as hedging tools and investments. All smart contracts of CTT will function effectively on the Ethereum Blockchain (They are ERC-20 compliant).

CTT Smart Contracts

Every unique financial asset that has listed on the AllStocks Stock Exchange will possess CTT and will function just like smart contracts.


This is also referred to as Auxiliary Smart Contracts. These buffers help in carrying out auxiliary functions which include: enabling added API features, making a switch between crypto contracts while running more than one version.

On-chain Infrastructure

There’s a need to use AllStocks network smart contracts for its proper functioning.

Off-chain Infrastructure

To ensure that CTT is adopted swiftly as a tool for hedging, investment, and transaction, some code templates, as well as libraries, will be provided for app developers.

CTT Explorers

This is developed to enable users to have access to CTT data and verify the ownership right of the financial assets of the stock exchange AllStocks manually.


These tools are developed to interface the Ethereum blockchain with CTT’s internal infrastructure. To summarize, it helps in the organizing and monitoring of AllStocks interaction and general state.

Regulation and Implementation

This section addresses the system implementation and its regulatory framework, to take a look at its setbacks.

Rebuilding the AllStocks Network

This entails leveraging a stressful and complete solution by channeling the whole network into smart contracts that are sophisticated (gives frequent upgrades and enabling interaction with each other).

Upgrading token interfaces

After the network is built, there is need to consider an interface upgrader quickly. Interfaces of tokens are upgraded by giving an added support for the recently developed token standards. While having a system upgrade, the CTT is not affected.

Three-Layer system of the CTT

There’s a reconstruction of CTTs into three essential layers which includes: view (an interface that enables third-party apps and contracts), Storage (This holds all the available data), and controllers (to execute business logic and strict compliance, checking all contracts, and organize storage.

Smarts Regulations Architecture

Stern permission controls are highly required in executing measures of KYC/AML. This is because smart contracts possess intrinsic limitations that it can only evaluate on-chain data.

Updating Compliance

To achieve this, there’s a need to deploy contract views such as storage, CTT controller, and configure views; this helps the logic powering CTT and the compliance update efficiently. This whole process is referred to as Smart Regulation. It also ensures that tokens of the AllStocks network are consistent with global regulation trends.

Role of AllStocks Tokens

As the system upgrades, the platform’s primary requirement is the tethering of the CTT to the primary financial assets. Due to this reason, there’s a severe check to off-chain assets. This means the process requires the use of virtual exchange currency which will act as a mediator between off-chain and on-chain payments that makes possible the secure payment of system interaction and off-chain fees.

For the successful provision of a focused chain in the future, there’s a need for a token to carry out migration. CTT plays a vital role in all these areas.

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