PumaPay - Bringing Cryptocurrencies to the Offline World

There is a reason cryptocurrencies are taking the world by a storm. They are already superior to most available payment methods. However, even with that in mind, they are far from perfect. That is where PumaPay steps in. PumaPay offers a new decentralized protocol that will forever change the way we look at money.

The most widespread payment method that you can use both offline and online is the credit card. However, it is far from perfect. There are various issues regarding security, fraud, and various other dangers, not to mention that many credit card companies are more than willing to charge incredibly high transaction fees. That is why it is about time we update the system. PumaPay offers a new protocol that will let users avoid the middlemen and utilize smart contracts in everyday purchases.

The PumaPay Protocol

As we have already said, the current system has a lot of flaws. And those flaws are so fundamental that they are impossible to remove. That includes intermediary fees, fraud risks, and chargebacks. But, everyone is still using these payment systems. And they have to; after all, having a payment card processing system is a must for businesses.

And it’s not only the credit card industry that has flaws. Currently, if you want to buy something with a cryptocurrency, you pretty much have to convert your money to a fiat currency first. Which merely adds an extra layer of banking where you lose a part of your funds.

That is why PumaPay has been building a brand new mechanism from the ground up. They plan to offer a superior system that will allow business owners to cut down on their expenses and improve their own services with smart contracts. They will also enable crypto holders to trade directly without having to jump through hoops.

The Flexibility of PumaPay

Another big issue of current payment mechanisms is the lack of flexibility during payments. Right now, there is almost no way for you to customize your payments. However, their system will allow you almost complete control over your transactions. And it works for business owners and customers alike.

To start with, you can easily set up recurring payments with variable or non-variable amounts. You can also set up a pay-per-use system, which is ideal for those who plan to charge by the hour. In the situation where there are multiple parties in a trade, you can set up a shared payment. This option allows the user to either split the cost of a service or pay multiple other users at once.

The PumaPay Token

The PumaPay Token (PMA) is what will make the usage of this protocol possible. You will be able to use it to transfer your funds to other parties or convert it to other currencies. The private sale is already live; however, it will end on May 7, 2018. Those who choose to participate in the sale will be able to purchase 50,000 PMA tokens per ETH. Bear in mind; this token sale is a private sale that is aimed towards qualified investors. PumaPay also offer special rates for those who want to make a higher contribution.

In The Ends

With the development of technology and various industries, the demand for quality transaction services is growing with each passing day. However, the current system is simply not evolving with the times. Right now, business owners have to use payment methods that are just not efficient. And, not only that, but they can be extremely expensive.

PumaPay is here to change that. They offer flexibility, security, and trustworthiness of cryptocurrencies while, at the same time, PumaPay eliminates unnecessary transaction fees.

For more information about the project please visit:

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