Root Blockchain: A Global Service Investment Tokens

Retail customers and enterprise always look out for the ideal blockchain to use in conducting a transparent business. Root Blockchain has been engineered to provide participants the best platform to trade in transparency.

This article will talk about how the RBC works and why it is a global game player in the blockchain industry.

Root blockchain overview

Root blockchain offers a hybrid blockchain or BaaS for enterprise and retail customers. RBC believes that it is the blockchain of the future, driven entirely by API. The API compatibility means that businesses reap the advantages of the blockchain ecosystem on an existing blockchain technology. Companies can concentrate on the development of API to link the existing investment to the Root API.

The ICO for RBC tokens has been launched but not on a beta platform. It has not offered technical details of how its BaaS system works.

The objectives of RBC

With the many challenges for the blockchain technology, Root Blockchain has been engineered to stay above the competition by handling some of the following issues:


Many businesses find it difficult to operate on blockchain because of its complexity in integrating into existing business systems. Many small companies have no resources in working on the blockchain development. Even the businesses with the resources often struggle to fit into the blockchain technology because of the sophisticated nature of the platform and inability to hire certified experts.

Huge blockchain size:

The size of blockchain can be discouraging, as a cryptocurrency like bitcoin is almost 200GB in its size. This is very expensive and difficult to operate on a node.

Huge transaction data size:

Cost is increased as the size of transaction data is increased over time. This is one of the many challenges that businesses encounter during blockchain transaction.

RBC has been able to solve these challenges, which is the reason people prefer the platform to Ethereum.

RBC as a service investment token work

Root Blockchain is known to operate on API driven blockchain as BaaS that offers traders and enterprise a flexible option. The platform is very active when it comes to developing API. However, the beta version is yet to be implemented, and RBC is already holding its token. There is little information on the whitepaper and website of RBC on how the platform will operate.

RBC ICO details

The RBC ICO sells its tokens for USD 0.01 a piece and allows a minimum investment of $200. The platform is still being developed and built by a New Delhi-based team, whose key members include Girish Kumar (Co-Founder) and Neeraj Tiwari (Co-Founder).

Benefits of Root Blockchain

There are many things you can gain from RBC as a blockchain platform. However, magic or shortcut is not required when it comes to trading on the platform. The provision of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), makes transaction simple. The platform is open, secure, and built on a sophisticated system that gives participants the edge they need in a business transaction. The cost of doing business on RBC is affordable when compared to other platforms on the blockchain.

Final thoughts

Users are expected to pay $200 if they want to get the tokens of RBC. The minimum $200 business transaction is expected to fetch 20,000 RootCoin tokens at a price of $0.01 apiece. It should be known that RBC lacks information about its operation. The whitepaper of RBC is eight pages long and provides sufficient information.