Root Blockchain: The Future of Cryptocurrency on Blockchain Platforms

Root Blockchain is the first hybrid blockchain that employs a different mechanism to speed up the transaction process while keeping the cost low.

Blockchain platform has become better and more advanced with many new ecosystems coming up with mind-blowing and trustworthy innovations. Root blockchain is the future of what a blockchain will become with an increase in speed during the confirmation of transaction at a low cost.


Root Blockchain uses digital fingerprints of the transaction data stored in the platform. However, actual data storage is optional. Root Blockchain offers every user a different secured digital vault that is encrypted. The platform provides many business models such as:

Private Blockchain – The participants can select a personal dedicated blockchain that only allows their transactions to be stored.

Consortium Blockchain – This is for two or more parties that are perfect for connecting vendors and customers. An optional feature includes encrypted and secure data storage.

The Root Blockchain is enclosed in an API layer that allows businesses to run in a minimal timeframe.

Benefits of Root Blockchain

It is a common knowledge that blockchain can affect businesses or industries and also offer people new business opportunities. While the benefits of blockchain are fantastic, it also has drawbacks like the transaction data size, the blockchain size, and complexity. However, with Root Blockchain, a lot of the blockchain problems have been solved. It provides Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), which is the first hybrid blockchain that is flexible for retail customers and enterprise.

API drives the Root Blockchain to help individuals or firms for enjoying the benefits of the blockchain technology. This is done without adding costs and complexity. The process is to connect a business or firm to the Root API.

Root Block makes sure that the size of the blockchain is small and only the cryptographic hashes of the data are transacted. Storing the data is not mandatory.

The business does not require the middlemen

The transaction cost is reduced with customers paying only $105.

It is free to enter the business, making the competition fair.

The system ensures transparency is maintained for all the parties.

Any business person can operate the business irrespective of the amount involved.

The vision of Root Blockchain

HTTPS has become what everyone is using for secure transaction and communication between server and client. Root Blockchain is designed to make its problem-solving shared blockchain accessibility simple like HTTPS. A business only focuses on dealing with other parties without thinking of the complexity of the shared blockchain.

Why is Root blockchain preferred than Ethereum?

Ethereum is known as the first blockchain that is programmable in which anyone can write a fantastic contract. However, when it comes to operating a complete investment on Ethereum, it is not practical now. The reasons for this are:

Slow Transaction

Ethereum is very slow when it comes to operating an entire business. This is the reason why Root Blockchain is preferred.

High mining fee 

 Ethereum is developed in a system that GAS has to increase when the transaction data size has been increased. Businesses require a massive amount of data during a transaction.

No privacy 

There is no privacy in Ethereum which is a huge problem.

Final thoughts

Root Blockchain has come to help businesses with the following procedure:

The platform can handle the problems mentioned above.

Root Blockchain ensures that the time and cost of the transaction is not increased due to transaction data size.

RBC offers user privacy to business owners.

RBC has come to bridge the gap that most platforms on blockchain with its transparency on every transaction carried on the platform.

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