Technology habits to break in 2017, to make yourself smarter and give yourself more free time

Tech Habits that need to be changed to get the breakthrough in 2017

In today’s modern tech era, everyone has been rolling out with the gadgets. Whether they are youngsters or old or toddlers, everyone is getting addicted to the tech system. Despite providing several benefits, it has raised several other health related issues. But, give a break to the use of technology in 2017 and start using it smartly. The computer technology has been developed to provide ease of access, reduced time, and have some entertainment in leisure time. It’s time to roll out the use of IT tech devices that are deemed unnecessary in 2017 and use them smartly to attain the objectives (Bertin, 2015).

Tech System

The IT tech has laid the foundation of some gadgets, started from personal computers to laptops and smartphones to wristbands. All in all, these tech systems are now in sheer use with the high-tech capabilities and expertise. The smartphones that have been evolved around using multiple different applications for various services including billing, games, payments and search engines and communication, talk and video chat, etc. The companies have installed automated integrated tech systems, connecting with a smartphone to navigate the employee’s performance and whereabouts (Bicen, 2015).

Use of the Computer Technology and IT tech

Traditionally, the computer technologies were only used by large corporations, institutes, and hospitals. With the passage of time and recent technological advancements, it has been used at home in the form of personal computers. Later, further advancements laid to smartphones and other gadgets. The sheer usage of these gadgets laid to many unethical and time-consuming activities spoiling the youngster’s precious time (Fierberg & Gillett, 2016).

Moreover, the IT tech facilitation and use of social media have eroded the society, besides providing certain facilities. The key point is that reducing the unnecessary use of social media and smartphones, serving that time in some potential career building opportunities. This could be achieved by stopping unnecessary postings on different social media including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Reducing this sheer usage will help the one to increase spending time on more essential and meaningful tasks (Armstrong, 2017).

Gadgets and Time Using less computer technology

Try to use fewer search engines for finding and making reminders for different tasks in 2017 as a goal. Instead, try to spend this time in learning new things and spending time with family and pals (Bertin, 2015).

Acquiring healthy habits

The smartphone technology has a tracking ability that tracks your progress and adapts the healthy practices to stay fit and sound. There are applications that help in blocking the internet, especially the websites like social media and emailing and entertainment (Hindenach, 2017).

Staying on task

To remain stayed on the task and productive, it is to resist the messages, social media notifications, and playing games (Bertin, 2015).

Use of smartphones at workplace

Try to avoid using the smartphones at the workplace especially the social media tasks. This will help in keeping your focus on the selected task and avoid delays.

Hence, it could be evaluated that using an excess of the tech systems, computer technology, and other gadgets will affect the health and will waste time. To make the year 2017 more productive and successful, it is essential to use the technology smartly.