The Best New Games and Apps for the Gear VR

The emergence of gear VR has changed the ways in which people used to play games and use applications. The efficient device significantly stimulates the sense of thephysical presence of the objects that are actually virtual. 

Having the capability of producing three-dimensional visuals and augmented realities along with excellent sound effects, Gear VR gives such emotions and feelings to the users as if they are playing real-life games.

It is observed that 2016 was one of the tremendous years for VR gaming, as it had experienced a huge wave of interactive games and applications. The trends have shown that the unique features offered by VR games and the engrossing experiences of the users are enough to predict the bright future of Gear VR.

Gear Vr

There are several manufacturers that offering awide range of options to the gamers, especially when it comes to the apps and games to delve into with VR. These are:

  • PlayStation VR;
  • Oculus Rift; and
  • The HTC Viva.

Apart from this, a number of excellent and high-quality VR titles can also be accessed on cellular phones, specifically for the user having Samsung Gear head. There is abundant of exciting games that are specially designed for Gear VR. However, there are some prominent names that famous for having impressive and interactive features. These include:

  • Anshar Wars 2;
  • Gunjack, Land’s End;
  • Bazaar;
  • Oculus Arcade;
  • Esper 2;
  • Minecraft: Gear VR;
  • Drop Dead, and much more!

Interestingly, Netflix app is also available for Gear VR. This app gives an exciting and memorable experience to its users to watch their favorite movies on in a virtual environment that is more than close to the reality. It always gives a sense of satisfaction to the users that they are closely watching each and every expression or act of their favorite characters.

Apart from that, online Casino games also excite the user for interacting with other online gamblers and players in a virtual and interactive environment. In short, online casino games look more attractive if you are playing by VR device. In particular, Gear VR games and apps have entirely changed the ways in which people used to play games and utilize their desired applications.

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