The laptop ban may not be because of airplane security

Laptops banned

Few countries have been banned by the US for not carrying their laptops or IPads with them to the US airports. Some believed this was due to the security. Obviously, security is an issue, but the problem is even bigger than that. Electronics for you is a big convenience for people. 

Fly mobile phone is also a big facility for the people but unfortunately used electronics have been used by the terrorists for their ulterior motives. 

The US contends that the airports or the planes may be attacked by the terrorists through these devices or the fly mobile phone.It is hard to figure out that why the electronics for your devices in the cabin are an issue. Surprisingly, keeping the fly mobile phone in the baggage is not an issue. Three of the airlines in the Middle East and their used electronics are on strict vigilance (Paris, 2017).


Security made a pretext by the US to ban the laptops

Three airlines of the Middle East have been criticized by the US competitors of receiving a large number of subsidies from their governments due to their action. By banning the used electronics in the flights, the US government has hit out at their profits. Some people have assessed it in the right way because this is not a pure security issue. 

Fly mobile phone such as the smartphones have not been banned by the US airlines. The focus is on the IPads and the laptops. The three airlines will lose a lot of business because the electronics for you will not be used anymore on the flights. As a result, people traveling in the first class or business class will be affected the most and will switch over to other airlines. This technology ban is beyond comprehension (Lind, 2017)

The business of the Middle Eastern countries to be affected

People travel in the business or the first-class so that they can work on the planes easily, by using their gadgets. All the main airlines in the Middle East would be affected and this was a policy adopted by the US, not because of the security concern but it was a retaliation to reduce the business in the Middle East countries. 

The US has banned the electronics for you on the pretext of security but the real issue behind that is not security (Israel Herald, 2017).

The US has exploited the fly mobile phone and is trying to dominate other countries by playing with their economies. The Used electronics have been banned for the hidden motives of the US. The businesses of the three major countries in the Middle East have come down. 

People cannot use the electronics for you on the planes of the Middle East due to US restrictions and that’s why people have shifted their loyalties to other planes. This policy has no rationale reason but it is being implemented due to the orders of the only super power. 

The airlines working in the Middle East are not suing the US according to the world trade organization rules because they have their own interests and these countries do not want to upset the US but one thing is clear security is not the reason for which the US has taken this step (Lind, 2017).