Top cyber security tips for tech savvy people

Technology and Cyber Security Threats

The cyber threat is an embedded eminent threat that looms on each and every one of us whenever we are using a mobile phone or connected to the internet through our computers. 

No matter how much computer knowledge you have or how much you are up to date with the computer fundamentals, you are not safe on the internet if you are not being cautious. In the report, Chege (2017) discusses that all the advancements happening in the field technology, which is changing the face of computer skills dynamically, the rates of cyber crimes are taking a toll.

It is because technology has occupied our lives in the extreme form. It has taken over almost all of our tasks and has become indispensable for us in our day-to-day happenings. Imagine going to work without your phone or performing your transactions and making payments personally like the previous times. 

Technology has been embedded in our lives so fully that it is almost impossible to stay away from it. All in all, we perform so many of our daily tasks and chores by using technology that anyone who wants to threaten our privacy, just needs as much as our gadget’s access to get to our things most valuable to us, for example, our financial information, and all aspects of personal life.  

Because our gadgets and technologies we use, holds all our information, they are the prime targets of the cyber criminals (Golbeck, 2017). This is the reason why we come across a number of warnings related to cyber security threat and tips to make our information less available or out in the open. 

The basic rule suggested by the computer savvy who are aware of the ins and outs of technology is that the lesser we make our private life and information public, the lesser are the chances of becoming a target of cyber crimes (Sidek & Rubbi-Clarke, 2017).

What Can Save You?

Biag (2017) in his article in the GeekTime, fervently emphasizes on the ways in which we should protect ourselves from the horror of cyber crime and how we should be aware of our mistakes that render us weak and our personal information out in the open available for the cyber criminals. 

In his article, Baig (2017) pertinently focuses on the practice of not sharing online anything personal. This is the most vulnerable tool for attacking a hoard of cyber criminals who constantly interfere in the network. 

Most importantly, the issue that has been surfacing lately is the threat to security over public Wi-Fi. A study reported by Kaspersky Lab (2017) highlighted the hazards of using public Wi-Fi and sharing personal information over the network. 

These Wi-Fis are the prime spots where the cyber criminals are snooping to meddle in once you connect to the internet and enter your personal information such as passwords or bank information. It would take them less than a few minutes, to access your data on the network.