Twitter CEO is being forced to resign over bot scandal

Twitter CEO Being Forced to Resign

 The Twitter’s CEO is being forced to resign amid immense pressure due to the bot scandal and due to a lack of user growth. Instead of the people, the bots are using the twitter accounts and putting the twitter quotes on its website. The twitter stock price has also reduced and over all the revenues of twitter have also decreased. 

In one of the famous newspaper, it was revealed that the Twitter’s CEO would leave his office because it surfaced that $48 million user accounts are bots and not people(Sharma, 2015).

Twitter Seems Helpless

 Twitter lately has been having a very hard time with the advertisers. The investors are also not happy with Twitter because they also contend that twitter stock price is going very low and most of the user accounts on Twitter are bots. The revenues of twitter have been suffering due to this problem and the image of twitter has been tarnished. 

The Twitter’s CEO seems helpless. More investors have even sold their shares of twitter. Twitter quotes that it would do something about it but till now nothing has happened yet. Critics also contend that twitter has now become a hard product to use (Kelly, 2015).

Adding insult to injury, the Twitter’s CEO has not made an effort to go beyond niche users set into mainstream markets. If we compare twitter with Facebook, the users of Facebook have been boosted to $1.5 billion. 

Despite making a comeback by the Twitter’s CEO, he could not turn around things and twitter quotes that things seem difficult to be changed immediately. Many people say twitter is now with a visionless leadership. However, on the other hand, there are many supporters of the Twitter’s CEO, they contend that the CEO has the ability to change things around for twitter and the twitter stock may also increase (Sharma, 2015).

Twitter Revived Back

Lately, things have been good for the twitter CEO. Twitter quotes that recently the twitter CEO bought $ 7 million shares of twitter stock. The changes have come because the twitter CEO has changed the management. New strategies with a new board have made a comeback for twitter. 

The twitter CEO made sure that the new employees should be hired who give full time to twitter and who are committed to the revival of twitter (Delrey & Wagner, 2015).

The revenues were increasing, but profit making was the major problem that was faced by the company. The twitter stock could not rise and that was the biggest investors’ concern. 

After he came back to the company, the twitter CEO made an example of the employees of coming early and leaving late from the office. He led from the front and the perceived image of the Twitter’s CEO changed because results were coming by. Moreover, when the Twitter’s CEO saw a committed employee, he would try to bring that employee closer to himself. In this way, the commitment of that employee would increase. 

Twitter quotes that the Twitter’s CEO started working fast on the projects and previously things used to be delayed at twitter. Nonetheless, the Twitter’s CEO was a different person altogether when he made a comeback (Wagner, 2017).