Uber has a flaw in their system which allows people to get free Uber rides

Technologies and Loopholes 

Technologies are developing in such a fast mode that there is no stoppage to its limits. On a day-to-day basis, the operating systems and software of latest technological ideas surface that the course of its usage. However, just like it is said about any invention or discovery, that undeniably it has two sides, a positive and a negative one. 

In the same way, with the changing dynamics of the technology and software necessitate the periodic testing of the updated versions and software for any bugs or loopholes (Christopher & Alawadhi, 2016)

This is the reason why tech experts, researchers, and IT professionals are always posting pros and cons of an invention after it is introduced or pointing out loopholes to amend (McGoogan, 2016). In addition to the IT professionals, the cyber world is filled with tech-savvy hackers who are looking for such loopholes more than anyone is. Similar is the scenario that happened last week with Uber.      

Uber Bug Found and Reported

Uber, one the leading Cab hailing services running across numerous countries all over the globe is known for its superb quality Uber rides and best fares. 

Uber is known for its consumer-friendly offers and Uber discounts. The popular taxi-hailing company offers several discounted offers that involve the use of Uber codes that are provided to every user after making an account, known as the Uber promo code (Murphy, 2017)

This service is well liked and utilized by people of every class. There are several different methods of payments used in this service and riders have a choice to select whatever suits them.     

On Friday 3rd March 2017, an IT genius and hacker from India, Anand Parkash posted on a security blog that he runs, about the bug in the Uber app that could let you avail free rides everywhere (Parkash, 2017)

He wrote in his security blog that upon discovering the bug, he asked for special permission from the Uber team to test it. His request was furnished, and he showed the glitch in the app. He wrote in his blog that the bug in the app lets you ride free if you enter an invalid method of payment (Parkash, 2017; India Times, 2017).

Uber fixes it Before it Becomes Viral and Awards Parkash

The Telegraph reports Uber having more than 100 security programmers to look out for these types of bugs. Joe Sullivan, the chief security officer at Uber, accepted last year and said that even the highly capable team of security experts sometimes fail to identify a loophole. 

Uber fixed the bug as soon as Parkash proved it for them, in case you are thinking of going to change your payment method and enjoy the free rides. Parkash has been awarded $13,500 as bounty reward for identifying the bug and reporting it timely (Molloy, 2017)

Parkash’s act is also received well by people in India. It is reported that Parkash earns by uncovering such IT bugs and glitches just like the security programmers employed in a company. His act of notifying the taxi hailing company in time has been well received by Uber (Murphy, 2017).