WhatsApp is in the process of implementing a new two-step verification process to boost its security for their users

WhatsApp Vulnerability

A month ago, it was reported by the Guardian that WhatsApp messages that you send are no more secure, even with the end-to-end encryption feature introduced by the service. The news report exposing this downside of WhatsApp claimed that the WhatsApp messages, although allegedly encrypted, could be read by a third party without being known by the sender or the receiver (Ganguly, 2017)

This third party could be Facebook who supposedly claims that anyone from the company can read no messages. The research, however, showed that there was a glitch in the way the encryption protocol was implemented by the WhatsApp.

Beall reported in the MailOnline (2017) called this glitch in the encryption implementation by the WhatsApp as a huge blow to the right to freedom and privacy of the users. The report by Beall claims that the security breach in WhatsApp’s encryption system means even the government officials can sneak upon the messages of the users.

There was a massive public outrage, and WhatsApp went down in popularity in this context as it is one of the most popular messaging services available to all (Ondieki, 2017)

The security glitch in the encryption of the WhatsApp messages reported that the unread messages stood more of a chance to be available to the third party than the ones read shortly by the receiver.

Another Side of the Story

The reports by Guardian about the security glitch in the encrypted WhatsApp messages came under a lot of pressure when a team of more than 30 security experts claimed the reports as spreading false claims (Chang, 2017)

They asserted that the reports by the Guardian were based on false claims and there is no such glitch in the encryption of the messages. However, for WhatsApp, the damage had been done. A huge public protest and outcry were raised against the company.

2-Steps WhatsApp Verification

According to numerous reports lately, in the leading tech newspapers, it was revealed that the WhatsApp has launched two-step verification for the enhanced security of its users and reclaimed WhatsApp’s status amongst its user (Gibbs, 2017)

The feature had been in the pipeline since November, and now it has finally been launched. This security feature will enable the users to have their own security code protecting the chats and all the WhatsApp logs.

The security code will have to be entered by the users once every week and in case users do not recall their codes at the time it is asked, they have to retrace and re-launch WhatsApp online from an email address that they are required to enter. 

The security feature has been introduced quite recently by the company. Gibbs (2017) also reports that the security verification is an added feature in the WhatsApp and it has just been released by the company. The new verification method protects users against the invasion of their private chats in case of theft or phones being lots but is available in the new WhatsApp upgrade.