CCleaner 5.1

CCleaner one of the best Cleaning Tools for Windows and Mac

CCleaner is an excellent little Windows and Mac utility that has been around for years. It has been known to be one of the best cleaning tools for Windows and Mac. This new version of CSleaner 5.1 has many new features which greatly benefit from the previous versions.

What CCleaner does

CCleaner enables and helps computer users to get rid of any unnecessary temporary internet files created and left behind from programs and internet browsers. 

Whether they could be memory dumps, file fragments, log files, cookies, history and much more. As an additional advanced feature it offers registry cleaning; with this feature, it will clean the registry for any unused entries and also get rid of any missing references. Pressing the button to analyze will allow the program to detect all the junk files that should be removed. Hitting the Run Cleaner button will start the process and removing all the checked selections like temporary files and cookies etc.

What’s New In the New CCleaner

In this latest version of Ccleaner, it gives you a brand new 64-bit native executable designed specifically for systems that run on 64 bit. It has improved support for all browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. This version allows you to wipe a drive completely using the Drive Wiper tool.