Mavis Beacon

What Mavis Beacon has to offer

Mavis Beacon has some features in this program which gives user scenarios where you have to go by; whether it could be a few sentences; a short story or a whole list of words.

How the Mavis Beacon user will benefit

This will give the user better practice at typing in real life scenarios as if they were typing an essay or writing a report, whatever it could be bottom line Mavis Beacon will assist you all the way through.

Mavis Beacon teaches you To type correctly

A lot of problems which people have when it comes to typing is they do not know how to type correctly. In other words, they don’t hit the right keys on the keyboard with certain fingers, i.e. hitting the keyboard with your index finger. 

Mavis Beacon will teach you what keys to type correlating to what finger you should be using; to get you in a good fast typing rhythm.